STTPA Conference 2019

Our world is at a tipping point.


We have undermined the conditions for sustainable existence. Sustainability is the core challenge of our era.

No academic discipline, corporation, country, first nation, government, or organization can achieve sustainability alone.

We all have a role to play in the path towards sustainability.

UN Sustainability Development Goals illustrated above – Learn More

Sustainability rests on the principle that the biosphere is the foundation of all human activities and our welfare depends on the health of our shared ecosystems. The path towards sustainability is possible only through a culture of sustainability that promotes the well-being of all generations, maintains healthy ecosystems, and fosters regenerative relations between natural, social, and technological systems. Nurturing a culture of sustainability requires acknowledging that mankind’s long-term plunder of natural and environmental resources has brought us to this point, and that we must develop new strategies in theory, practice, and action for engendering our well-being and shared ecosystems. Such an ambitious agenda can only be achieved through critical, holistic, and integrative thinking that draws upon—but also moves across—the insights and knowledge produced through traditional academic disciplines (such as natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, management, and engineering), transdisciplinary and emerging academic fields, and areas of specialization as well as through practices and actions.

This inaugural STTPA conference, in collaboration with all who are committed to sustainability, seeks to bring together academics and students across all disciplines: Aboriginal leaders and scholars, business executives, civil society, policymakers, sustainability professionals and other sustainability lovers to explore innovative forms of theory, practice, and action that can help craft a path towards sustainability.

A podium mic against a blurred background of people sitting.

As a path towards sustainability requires mutual respect and learning from each other, the organizing committee plans to organize three days of innovative, interactive, and unique program designed to create a community of engaged conference participants. The conference program will include plenary sessions, panel discussions, integrated (theory, practice, and action) sessions, concurrent sessions, workshops, poster (research and practice) presentations, exhibits and other formats of communication enabling all stakeholders to learn and contribute meaningfully to the path towards sustainability.

The main theme of the conference was the integration of disciplines, stakeholders, and sustainability pillars (ie. social, environmental, and economic). Specialization was key for successful integration. Hence, both integration and specialization types of contributions were welcome. We extremely appreciated contributions from all stakeholders. The contributions could be on any aspect of sustainability and/or any of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.