Call for Partnership

In collaboration with all who are committed to sustainability, the inaugural STTPA conference seeks to bring together academics and students across all disciplines, Aboriginal leaders and scholars, business executives, civil society, policymakers, sustainability professionals and other sustainability lovers to explore innovative forms of theory and action that can help craft a path towards sustainability. The conference is a concerted effort to establish a Global Sustainability Family.

We are calling for partnerships with individuals and groups who would like to be part of the journey toward global sustainability. Aboriginal groups, academic groups, colleges/universities, corporations, government bodies, non-government organizations, professional organizations, professional associations and individuals are welcome to join us in this journey. Some examples of partnerships are given below but partnerships need not to be limited to these examples. 

• Organizing multi-stakeholders and multi-perspective sessions;
• Organizing sessions that include theory, practices, and action;
• Promoting the conference among your network and peers;
• Supporting students’ participation in the conference;
• Supporting the participation of sustainability scholars from developing world;
• Organizing non-traditional sessions on sustainability such as art, photography, and theatre sessions; and
• Other unique/innovative partnerships.

Please contact Prof. Shashi Kant with a brief description of your interest and idea for partnership.