Sustainability Week 2021

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About UTM’s Sustainability Week

UTM Sustainability Week is a series of primarily student-led and organized events designed to educate and encourage sustainable behaviour on and off campus. Our mission is to celebrate sustainability initiatives at UTM and to build meaningful connections among the campus community to work towards a sustainable future.

Exploring Intersectionality


Our experience last year has taught us that we tend to anchor on the environment when talking about sustainability. This year, we want to emphasize environmental justice, and explore the intersections between environmentalism, social justice, and sustainability. As such, UTM’s second annual Sustainability Week is themed around exploring how sustainability intersects with all aspects of life, community, society, and the environment

Each day is intended to explore this theme from a different angle, opening the opportunity for various campus community members to share how their work intersects with sustainability.


Mindful Monday

Slow down. Be present. Be aware. Mindful Monday is all about taking the time to practice mindfulness whether it be through meditation, yoga, or taking an hour-long break from all of your zoom meetings. Take stock of your habits and daily practices and think about how it can benefit you as an individual and the world at large.

  •      • Live: Plant Based Nutrition Session (5pts)
  •      • Live: Pursue Renew (5pts)
  •      • Meditation Sessions (1pt)
  •      • Plant Based Food on Campus (1pt)
  •      • Mid-Semester Distressesor Care Package (5pt)
  •      • Food Waste, Climate Crisis, and Food Security (1pt)
Mindful Monday

Trashless Tuesday 

Trashless Tuesday is themed around reducing the waste we produce, as well as creative solutions we believe are key to managing our global waste problem. Join us as we see how designers from around the world use unwanted items to design unique pieces in the third installment of Trashion Show.

  •      • Live: Trashion Show (5pts)
  •      • Live: Let’s Talk About Waste Session (5pts)
  •      • Repair Café (1pt)
  •      • Post-Consumer Waste Management (1pt)
Trashless Tuesday

Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday is devoted to the social aspects of sustainability and recognizing the impact that our wellbeing has on the world around us (and vice versa). The events of the day will explore how wellness intersects on a personal level and on a wider social, economic and environmental scale.

  •      • Live: Discover Mental Health Resources at UTM (5pts)
  •      • Live: Cultivating Financial Wellness Interactive Workshop (5pts)
  •      • Live: Wellness 101: “Greenify” Your Wellness (5pts)
  •      • Wellness During Exams (1pt)
  •      • Sustainable Menstruation (1pt)
  •      • Art-Based Reflections (1pt)
  •      • Sustainable Wellness: Physical Literacy (1pt)
  •      • Fair Trade Campus (1pt)
Wellness Wednesday

Tech Thursday

What role does technology and innovation play in building a sustainable future? We hope to explore this question on Tech Thursday, as we try to understand how technology can help us reduce our environmental footprint and improve equity among communities.

  •      • Live: MScSM Jeopardy (5pts)
  •      • UTM Green Features (1pt)
  •      • UTM Farm Walls (1pt)
Tech Thursday

Future Friday 

How can we overcome the sustainability challenges that lay ahead? Future Friday encourages us to look forward and to take action towards a future that is equitable, just, and sustainable. Future Friday will host an Indigenous roundtable that seeks to explore what non-western ideas owe can incorporate when thinking about sustainability.

  •      • Live: Michi Saagiig Nii’kinaaganaa: A Lunch and Learn (5pts)
  •      • Live: Eco Challenge and Change (5pts)
  •      • Youth Climate International’s Climate Action Program (1pt)
  •      • How to Land a Job in Sustainability (1pt)
  •      • Accelerating Our Future Leaders (1pt)
  •      • UTM Bees (1pt)
  •      • Exploring Container Gardens at Home (1pt)
Future Friday

SMG Saturday 

Join us for an all-day conference and case competition hosted by the IMI Business Association

Text saying "SMG Saturday" on a dark green background